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Two-Damage My Heart (Nerds of Happy Valley #2) by C.N. Holmberg – Free eBooks Download


Broken hearts meet foam swords in a new contemporary romance novel by bestselling author Charlie N. Holmberg.

Eight years ago, Rue Thompson fell in love with her brother’s roommate. From across the country, he started writing her letters out of the blue—letters that encouraged her, amused her, and healed her.
Then he ghosted her and broke her heart.
Fortunately, Rue’s now stone-cold heart protects her from anything that dare make her feel, except when she’s live-action roleplaying with her friends in the park. When in costume and wielding a foam sword, Rue can be whatever she wants.
But then the boy—now most definitely a man—suddenly reappears in her life and shows renewed interest. The catch? He doesn’t recognize her. Apparently eight years and new hair masks all wounds. But Rue remembers everything. No amount of make-believe can change that. She’s taken enough damage, thank you very much.
But this time, Landry Harrison plans to convince Rue he’s leveled up—even if it means dressing up in tights and a cape to prove it.

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