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twisted soul, dw marshall

Twisted Soul (Cruel Obsessions #1) by D.W. Marshall – Free eBooks Download


Evil isn’t born, it’s made. My name is August Mitchell and my life started out like many others with more things to complain about than be grateful for. Sure, I was born with more money than sin, but that isn’t enough.
In the Mitchell household the mansions, butlers, personal chefs, and shiny things come with a price. And the bonus, no parents around to catch you when you fall or ask you about your day.
Unluckily for me, I was used to this. I would have continued to survive through the emptiness and the quiet had she not come into my life.
She showed me what it feels like to love and be loved in its truest form. With her, the sun was brighter in the sky, and the stars didn’t just twinkle, they sparkled. Loving someone and being loved, man, I had no idea what I was missing.
Until it was gone.
In that moment of having love ripped away from me, I plunged into a nothingness deeper than I ever imagined. I should have never had the taste; that way I would never have known what to yearn for…or what to hate.

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