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twisted magic, michelle mankin

Twisted Magic (The MAGIC #3) by Michelle Mankin – Free eBooks Download


Shane Lamar is a former Tulane medical student turned duality demon. Deadly and feared in his demonic form, he is shunned from society and forced to live his entire existence in the desolate lands of the underworld.
Fiori is a century. Beautiful to behold, she is mesmerizing in dance, and has the ability to heal even the most grievous injury for the one she loves, but only once and the cost is dire.
In order to break the rule forbidding Dark and Light Immortal unions, Shane and Fiori must learn how to successfully govern their secret forbidden world together. Six months under the moon of his underworld. Six months under the sun of her realm. The cost of freedom will be more than either can imagine. Shane stands to lose his first love, the woman who saw him die and now lives. Though a princess, Fiori could lose the most precious thing she possesses, her pure heart.
A muse without her memory.
A piper without his other half.
A dream falcon without a home.
An oracle without her wings.
Is love the cure? Will fragile alliances between brothers stand? Will a passion to rock the ages result in great triumph or will it be the ruin of them all?

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