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twisted love, cm wondrak

Twisted Love by CM Wondrak- Free eBooks Download


In the dark dwells the truth.

I don’t remember much of my childhood. I’ve lived with my aunt for the last ten years, after my father killed my mother and turned the gun on himself, and I find myself craving only one thing: the darkness. The darkness is my only friend, the only comfort I have.
At least, it was, until my life is turned on its head. It starts with weird phone calls, a stranger asking me if I’d been a good girl. When my memories begin to return, I’m faced with the fact that everything I thought I knew is wrong. I’ve been lied to, coddled and protected.
In the dark, there’s only one god—and it’s him. Ruthless, malicious, monstrous. He would do anything to get me back. I should hate him, but I don’t.
I can’t.
Some loves are written in the stars. Ours? Ours was written in the darkness the very day I was born.

**Twisted Love is a dark romance that centers around many things some readers might find triggering. This is an age gap, dark romance novel and touches on subjects such as violence, kidnapping, and stalking.**

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