Twisted by Ruby Medjo (ePUB)

twisted, ruby medjo

Twisted (The Depraved Trilogy #1) by Ruby Medjo – Free eBooks Download


Maisie Jane Walkup has a secret. Actually, lots of secrets.

After marrying young to a wealthy man, Maisie’s life slowly begins to twist and turn into something she no longer recognizes. Suffering in silence through her abusive marriage, she learns to survive in ways she never thought she could. Everything unravels one fateful night, and innocent Maisie stains her hands with the blood of those who’ve wronged her.
But when a mysterious man appears once more from her past, her carefully laid plans begin to crumble. Jaeger is ruthless in his pursuit of the truth, even if it means sacrificing the heart of the woman he’s obsessed with. It isn’t long before the two are intertwined in ways neither could have imagined. What had started out as a venture to right her wrongs turns into a journey of vengeance and righteous justice for a young woman who deserves a chance to tell her side of the story.
Even in the desolation of depravity, love can bloom anew.

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