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twisted, esme devlin

Twisted (Barrowlands #1) by Esme Rae Devlin – Free eBooks Download


I caught his attention. Now he demands every last piece of mine.
His infatuation with me saves my life, but threatens my sanity. A self-made King in his own Kingdom, his notorious cruelty is only overshadowed by his madness.

I sit on his knee while he plays with me.
I keep my eyes low on the ground at all times.
I watch the wicked things he does to people while he whispers in my ear how precious I am.
I dance for him. I amuse him. I play his games. I worship at his feet.
I’m not allowed to walk. I’m not allowed to see his face.
And above all else, I’m not allowed to fall in love with him.
He says he’s going to give me the whole world on a silver plate.
All I have to do… is everything he wants.
His lust becomes obsession, obsession becomes devotion, devotion becomes dedication and with dedication comes… power.
My name is Sapphire, and I’m a good girl. This is the story of how I learned to control a psychopath.

Previously published as The Carnival’s Daughter (part of The Kingdom duet) this book has been extended and now forms book 1 of a new series.

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