Twelve Dates of Christmas by Brynn Paulin (ePUB)

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Twelve Dates of Christmas by Brynn Paulin – Free eBooks Download


The first time I see her, she’s on her way to a date.

Oh, not a real date. It’s one of those speed dating things. Her sister talked her into it, and my girl couldn’t have looked less thrilled.
Yes. My girl. When you know you know.

I ditch everything and follow her inside. Big client? Who cares. I have billions, and this is the girl of my dreams.

There might be twelve quick dates at this thing, but now, the only guy she sees is me. Thankfully, she thinks it’s funny, even if she also thinks I’m kind of crazy. The event turns out to be our first date.

One down, eleven to go. When Christmas rolls around, and we’ve had twelve real dates, it will be my gold ring on her finger.
That is…if I can convince her I’m serious and not the rudderless guy she seems to think I am. Maybe I should tell her about my businesses and my billions… Nah. Not yet.

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