Truth or Lyon by Katherine Bone (ePUB)

truth or lyon, katherine bone

Truth or Lyon (The Lyon’s Den Connected World) by Katherine Bone – Free eBooks Download


An indiscretion, a scandalous game of truth or dare, and the prize—a coveted kiss—threaten her future, but this is one game she cannot quit.

Spencer Wright-Smythe, antiquities hunter and Baron of Kilverstone has something of a rakish reputation. So when he’s introduced to Miss Porthenia Steere, she’s instantly on her guard, even though the attraction she feels is almost overwhelming. She resists his impudence as she’s determined to marry for love, to a man who’s good and true.
If only things were that simple. For Thenie has already set the cat among the pigeons by spreading a scurrilous rumor about herself in order to avoid a betrothal, and it won’t be long before all Society knows of her supposed indiscretion. Will her two younger sisters be hurt by her impulsiveness and prevented from marrying well too?

Then there’s the temptation of Spencer, who’s somehow always near. He challenges her to a game of truth or dare—if she loses, he’ll claim a kiss.

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