Trusting a Highland Rogue by Ann Marie Scott (ePUB)

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Trusting a Highland Rogue (Highlands’ Formidable Warriors #6) by Ann Marie Scott – Free eBooks Download


How can you love someone you barely trust?

Lady McPearson and her husband have been tired of seeing their young niece, Lisbeth McPearson, laughing with male guards, getting dirty while riding, and doing everything a lady is not supposed to be doing. Thus they decide to call the rebellious lass to their hall to announce to her that her days of carefreeness are over.
Their plan to marry her to a nobleman and force her to settle down makes Lisbeth desperate, but it seems that it is her only choice. However, a letter of plea from a friendly clan will change everything; a child has been abducted, and if Lisbeth can help find it, she is sure that she will be seen as something more than a mindless bride.

Determined to change her fate, she begins on a quest, only to realize that she has very few clues to follow. Her journey could have ended very soon if she did not meet William MacMillian, a rogue warrior who travels alone and shares no info about himself. But unbeknown to both of them, William is on the same quest as Lisbeth as he is trying to locate the child too!

Their motives might be different since William is a mercenary and seeks a reward in gold, but Lisbeth knows that she can use his help; William has tracked people down before, unlike Lisbeth, who rarely gets out of the castle. To her surprise, the warrior accepts her offer to travel together, as he can use her connections and title to gain entrance to the courts of lairds.

Despite the constant tension between them, the unlikely companions make a powerful team, and they will discover bloodcurdling truths… However, Lisbeth will be asked to betray the rogue warrior she has grown fond of, and a burning question is troubling her mind. Does William also share this feeling, or has this partnership been based solely on interest?

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