Trusting a Chieftain by Keira Montclair (ePUB)

trusting chieftain, keira montclair

Trusting a Chieftain (The Soulmate Chronicles #3) by Keira Montclair – Free eBooks Download


How much is revenge worth?

Catherine and Graeme have already lived two lives together. Their third will be the hardest yet.
Cait has lost everything—her home, her parents, both her sisters, and her freedom. Forced into a brothel, she can see no light, no future. Until she’s purchased by a stranger to be his bride. But after everything she’s experienced, she doesn’t see how a man—even a handsome Highland chieftain—could possibly bring her any kind of happiness.
Graeme MacGruder didn’t go to Glasgow in search of a wife but his sister Jeanie, who disappeared when his parents’ traveling party was ambushed along the road. Now he’s the chieftain of his clan, and his first two orders of business are to find his missing sister and avenge his parents. He buys Cait hoping that she might have news of Jeanie.
Cait and Graeme join forces in common cause: vengeance. But achieving that goal might cost them a lifetime of happiness together—and their eternal souls.

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