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trust me, cindi paige

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Relationship in crisis. Second chance romance.

Defusing bombs is what he does, but can Adam stop his relationship with Evie from blowing up?
Staff Sergeant Adam Taylor is an explosives expert in the British Army but his relationship with Evie is a ticking time bomb. After thirteen years they find themselves in the trenches of change. Will they survive?

At 17 I knew Evie was the one. All the missing pieces in me, the broken bits of being orphaned and unloved, she filled. All I’ve ever wanted is to give her EVERYTHING. But now she wants me to leave the army so that we can start a family, but the military is all I know, and the only way I know how to provide…I’m not sure I can walk away from it or her.

I’ll never forget the day I met Adam, and we laughed at the irony of our names…it felt like fate. When we met I was lost and found all at once. Ours is the real deal, the kind of love story that makes people roll their eyes. But it’s been thirteen years. It’s time to start a family, but a family means Adam needs to quit his dangerous job and I don’t think he can.

Trust Me is a second chance romance that’ll make you laugh, cry and believe in forever love all over again.

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