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true north, corey kerr

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Misha doesn’t remember what it’s like to have a home.
He left Russia in search of a better life, but when he didn’t find it, he left the human world behind. Now he lives in the woods and eats garbage out of trash cans. At least he’s safe here as long as he stays a bear.
But he keeps going back to one particular house, to one particular guy. He can’t seem to stay away. JT feeds him breakfast and says he wants to help, and Misha slowly, begrudgingly begins to trust him. Before long, Misha’s living in his spare room and learning how to be human again… and lusting over his new roommate.
JT is everything Misha’s always told himself he can’t have. He plays hockey, he’s rich, he looks amazing in a swimsuit, and he turns out to be much less straight than Misha assumed. As their summer idyll takes a thrilling, steamy turn, Misha begins to tentatively put down roots in JT’s hometown of Sault Ste. Marie and think about what might happen when the summer ends.
But Misha’s past hasn’t left him behind, and when his secrets abruptly come to light, he risks losing everything about his new life that he’s come to cherish… especially JT.

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