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True Love (New Hampshire Bears #16) by Mary Smith – Free eBooks Download


Growing up as the daughter of a famous hockey star, Rowan Hopp had enormous love for her family. Despite being raised with love all around her, she was very good at one thing: pushing people away. She didn’t have many friends, never stayed with a boyfriend for long, and was focused on her college classes and her future career as a lawyer. The one thing she knew for sure, she definitely didn’t want to date a hockey player.
Until Ivan Rodin.
Ivan was a gentle, kind-hearted, animal-loving man and was not the typical New Hampshire Bears hockey player. His one goal was to fall in love and live the happily ever after dream. No matter how hard he tried, it never happened for him.
Until he saw Rowan Hopp.
He was overjoyed when he asked her out and she said yes. For months, they dated, laughed, and he truly thought he had found the one.
Until she dumped him.
When the new hockey season begins, they try to avoid each other at all costs but seem to be thrown together at every twist and turn. Rowan does her best to keep her emotions for Ivan shut down, and Ivan just wants a second chance with Rowan.
Can Ivan prove to Rowan that true love really exists just like her parents’ own fairy tale?

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