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troy, sara jones

Troy (Rosewood Grove Fire Department #5) by Sara Jones – Free eBooks Download


There I was, watching my best friend’s house while she was on her honeymoon.
I was taking the opportunity to reflect on my recent break up with Jack.
He dumped me at the wedding.
Now I was worried about my relationship with my best friend.
Jack was best friends with my best friend’s new husband, and we all moved to Rosewood Grove together.
Now, everything was uncertain, and I felt lost.
As if things couldn’t get worse, a pipe burst and began flooding my friend’s flower garden!
I quickly dialed their landlord’s number and asked for help.
When he showed up, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
He was the hottest firefighter I had ever seen.

I was off duty when I got the call about the garden flooding at my rental property.
As soon as I arrived, I was enamored at Diane’s beauty.
She was gorgeous, and just my type. I couldn’t get distracted though, I needed to fix the issue at hand.
I quickly fixed the leak, but I had to take of my shirt and use it in the process.
I caught Diane eying my figure up and down before she offered to loan me a shirt.
She told me a little about her situation and I felt bad.
I needed to help her fix the flower garden, so her friend wasn’t too upset.
We made a connection while replanting the flowers, so when she declined my offer for dinner, I was surprised.
But I wouldn’t give up, we both knew we shared something special, and I was going to stop at nothing to be able to call her mine.

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