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Ava: We were celebrating graduating from Uni and for once I really let my hair down. There was sambuca shots, lots of them, loud music, and wild dancing.
Then I spotted him. A hot hunk on his own. I did something I never imagined I would.
I made it clear I wanted him and well you can guess the rest… yes, amazing. He was an eleven out of ten.

Unfortunately, the morning after didn’t go so well.
So I took my walk of shame in my stride and life went on. I didn’t forget that night obviously, but life went on.
Fast forward three months and my boss, the CEO, announces he’s stepping down and his son, who I’ve never met before, will be taking over.
Yup, you guessed it again. His son turns out to be none other than my one-night stand.

Without all those shots making my head swim, he is an insufferable, cocky asshole who would have loved to have fired me on the spot, only his position comes with a stipulation he has to satisfy.
Mainly, he must keep me in employment at the firm and as his personal assistant. I see a whole lotta trouble on the horizon but I’m confident I can handle it. I tell myself as long as we can’t stand each other we’ll be able to keep it strictly professional.
Then we touch. Now all bets are off.

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