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Tristan (Military Men of Valor #5) by Sara Jones – Free eBooks Download


It was nice to get back stateside after a tactical victory with my men.
The Colonel was proud of me, and I was proud of my team.
We went out for a victory drink once we were home.
I was there to keep an eye on my guys, but I was soon distracted by a total cutie who walked up to the bar next to me.
When the barstool she sat on toppled over, I had to save her from falling on her face.
I wanted her, and the look in her eyes told me she wanted me too.
Before I could act, she took off, and I wondered if I would see her again.

Yet another blind date, and this one was turning out to be a total failure.
I wanted to bail, but my friend who set it up wouldn’t be happy.
A quick trip to the bar was my only chance for solace.
Too bad I can’t even get a drink without almost falling on my face.
Thankfully the attractive military man was there to catch my fall.
Embarrassed, I ran back to my date. I didn’t think things could get worse.
That is until the blind date started to get aggressive.
I was getting scared, when at the perfect moment, the military man came to save the day again.
At that moment, I knew him saving me was more than just a coincidence.

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