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Tricking the Devil by Jess Thick – Free eBooks Download


Has she tricked the Devil? Or fallen into his trap?

Two of a kind – that’s what our parents always said about my twin, Angela, and I, so I shouldn’t have been surprised when her arranged marriage became mine when Angela vanished the day before she would be married. I’ve never even met her fiancé, Kian!
My parents believed Angela’s desire to be a kept wife would be the better fit for this pay off to keep the Persian mafia away from my father’s business, yet somehow, I have to quit my job as a nurse and pretend to be Angela for the rest of my life. Everything I worked so hard to run away from drags me back, but if it’s my freedom or my family’s lives, how can I refuse?

A king needs a queen, and an accord needs a cost. Angela Kane had the makings of a mob wife. As little as I liked her, she always wanted the large family and easy wealth that came with looking the other way. The only danger is her twin sister on the outside, but the Kanes swear she’s cut off, working across the country as a nurse, so there are no loose strings.
But this bride isn’t the Angela I knew. She’s got the same face, same body, but her eyes tell a different story. The way she fights a bit before she submits – the embarrassment at her own pleasure, I can’t imagine Angela ever being so innocent, and I never thought I’d find it so intoxicating. Whoever she is, she’s mine, and I have no intention of letting her ever get away.

Tricking the Devil is an intense dark mafia romance stand-alone complete with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Mature readers will enjoy red hot scenes as our hard-working heroine and alpha mafia master discover their happily ever after.

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