Tricked By The Escapee by Jade Waltz (ePUB)

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Tricked By The Escapee by Jade Waltz – Free eBooks Download


One fateful night in Vegas, destiny tricks two unsuspecting individuals…

With the Alien Appreciation Day celebration underway, Ashley decides to party the best way she knows how:
hiring an alien cosplayer for one delicious night…
Xizi didn’t think he’d see the light of day ever again, until a group of Area 51 raiders aid in his escape….
When Xizi tries to flee, he discovers his enax—his fated one—whom he’d given up hope of ever finding…
The problem is that she seems to be a great bounty hunter who’s amassed a collection of mementos from everyone she’s conquered.
Ashley hopes to have the night of her life with the alien she’s fantasized about,
but Xizi believes he needs to tame his warrior woman in time to leave Earth.
Will they both have their way or does destiny have other plans for the unlikely pair?


Some of this story was published under the title Ravished by the Escapee, since then, it has been altered, expanded and changed.

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