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Travis (Juicy Romance in Somerville #3) by Alexis Ashlie – Free eBooks Download


I am rich, successful and handsome. This means I get what I want . . . although most times, I don’t really want it; I just think I do.
And then I meet Christie, an intriguing young woman who seems to be better at my own game than I am. I definitely want her! But if she truly is better at this game than me, how do I get her? Do I dare give her a peek at what’s behind the curtain, hoping she is the type to appreciate a vulnerable moment? Or do I have her and then move on . . . and keep on getting the things I don’t truly want?

People talk about you whether you like it or not and whether you’re good or bad. Half the time, the things they say aren’t even true. So, if they are going to drag your name through the mud, why not at least have some fun and play along? That’s what I’ve been doing ever since I was a teen. Play the game right and you might even clog the rumor mill so much that it just breaks down and is forever gone. That was my plan. But Travis Gee, the rich playboy who was going to play a part in that, threw a wrench at it instead.

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