Trapped with my Grumpy Boss by Audrey Robert (ePUB)

trapped with boss, audrey robert

Trapped with my Grumpy Boss by Audrey Robert – Free eBooks Download


I have to keep my boss at arm’s length. But my body never got the memo.

Day one at my job, and I’m introduced to the CEO.
Turns out he’s the guy I had the hottest night of my life with two nights ago.
Determined to stay professional, I give him the cold shoulder.
That is, until we get stuck in an elevator. Panic hits, and I seek his strong arms for comfort.
His unexpected kindness breaks down my walls. He shows such care, such desire to protect me.
Suddenly, I can’t resist him anymore, and now my panties are on the floor.
When has sleeping with the boss ever been a good idea?
Not to mention developing feelings for him!
I cannot lose this job and go back to Hick Town.

Which is exactly what I’m thinking the night he takes me on his desk.
And his ex walks in on us…

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