Trapped to Tame by Kyra Alessy (ePUB)

trapped to tame, kyra alessy

Trapped to Tame (The Dark Brothers #5) by Kyra Alessy – Free eBooks Download


A woman fighting to survive. Three fae males on a mission. Can love save their worlds from destruction? Or will hatred ensure their deaths?
Eve lives an indentured life, controlled by her keeper, forced to fight for others’ gains. She thrives on combat because it’s all she knows … because she can win and to lose means her body is the victor’s prize.
Drax, Priest and Fie are fae mercenaries on a mission to save their kind. When an unclear vision leads them to a mysterious woman who can hold her own in a fight with a man three times her size, they know they’ve found the one they’ve been searching for … and she’s nothing like they expected.
This starved, unkempt, half-breed female is an enemy. The men will do whatever’s necessary to ensure her cooperation and, if she gives them any trouble, they’ll make her wish she had died in the fighting rings. She WILL help them succeed in their mission …
Or she’ll die trying.

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