Transforming the Savage Highlander by Emilia C. Dunbar (ePUB)

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Transforming the Savage Highlander (Highlands’ Chains of Love #4) by Emilia C. Dunbar – Free eBooks Download


He may be a brute but he cannot be outsmarted.

When Crayton Arthur arrives at the Davidson estate, no one can imagine that this huge brute is going to be a Laird. He looks more like a beast ready to fight rather than like a nobleman, and that is precisely the reason why Crayton is there; he is a fearsome warrior, but he is not yet equipped to be Laird.
The Highlander has come to the lowlands to learn from Laird Davidson how to manage an estate. Nora Davidson, the Laird’s daughter, has never met a man as honest and straightforward as Crayton, and she is intrigued by his nature. The two get along very quickly, and that does not go unnoticed by Laird Davidson, Nora’s father…

A few days later, this observation will prove useful as Crayton, even if he is not experienced in such matters, will discover something that could destroy Laird Davidson. Thus, the mischievous Laird makes a plan; maybe he can use his daughter’s love to trick Crayton and make him bend to his will!
However, Nora has true feelings for the Highlander, and she finds herself in conflict as she must obey her father but Crayton’s discovery makes her look at her father in a completely different way. If she had met Crayton earlier, maybe they would have built their trust, but how much can she trust a man she barely knows?

When Crayton learns that their affection was part of a plan, Nora is sure that he will never trust her again. Maybe Nora has lost the man of her life while helping her cunning father, and now, even her own life is in danger. Now her mission to prove her feelings to Crayton will judge whether Nora will win a husband or lose everything.

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