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transformed, leona crowley

Transformed (The Blackpaw Prophecy #3) by Leona Crowley – Free eBooks Download


After 900 years, dragon shifter Nicholai has given up on ever finding his fated mate. Then Roslyn arrives in town…

Roslyn Rothchild is a charismatic archeologist in a dead-end relationship that’s jeopardizing her career. But she’s scared to cut loose. Ready for a change and some advice, Roslyn visits her best friend Ashley in the small town of Wolfton. During the visit, she’s introduced to the world of shifters and learns that Ashley has foreseen fate’s plan for her future.
Nicholai Alexeev is a nine-hundred-year-old dragon shifter and the newest beta in the Blackpaw pack. Because his touch is deadly to anyone other than a fated mate or another dragon, he has given up hope of ever finding true love. That is until Ashley introduces him to Roslyn.

Sparks fly. Nicholai is ready to claim his mate now, but Roslyn needs more time. She wants Nicholai but saying yes to him means leaving all that is normal behind. And scariest of all, she has to become a dragon shifter. A process that could mean death.

Is Nicholai’s love enough to help Roslyn face her fears and fulfill their fated destiny? Or will she die trying?

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