Training Lord Somerset by Fanny Finch (ePUB)

training lord somerset, fanny finch

Training Lord Somerset (The Heart of Dorset #1) by Fanny Finch – Free eBooks Download


He will see past her scars; she will look past his fear to the brave soul inside…But are their hearts strong enough to seize their one chance at happiness?
A terrible accident left Lydia Stanley in charge of her younger siblings and a Duchy to boot! Two years later, the scar on her face is the only reminder of the day she lost everything: her parents, her innocence, and all marriage prospects…
As the new Earl of Somerset, Humphrey Berkeley is expected to know everything about running an estate. But his father’s indifference towards his youngest son has left Humphrey not only emotionally traumatized but also untrained in running an estate…
The late Duke of Dorset’s steward-and daughter- seems like the perfect tutor for the young Earl, but their business arrangement never included falling in love…
Will they find it in them to conquer their inner demons and claim their happiness, or will they succumb to fear and live forever in misery…?

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