Trained By Her Alien Mate by Lola Blix (ePUB)

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Trained By Her Alien Mate (Mated To The Arzakan #2) by Lola Blix, Kyra Keys – Free eBooks Download


When I first opened my eyes and saw her, I thought she was my savior. Now that I’ve recovered, I think she’s something else: trouble. When my lab was destroyed, I thought I was done for, but Diana appeared like a miracle to save me. Now, I’m more committed than ever to finding the answers I seek. But rather than helping me, Diana is peppering me with questions and sometimes kisses. I should be running experiments and tracking results, not devising ways to tear her clothes off. Will it be easier to keep my distance if I make her my apprentice?

When I found Mik, he was on the brink of death. But now he’s getting stronger, and more magnetic, every day. I know he’s committed to his experiments, but I keep getting distracted by the fire I see in his eyes. What if he focused that intensity towards pleasure rather than work? Let’s be real. I wish he would throw me down on his lab table and make his own. I’ve agreed to be his apprentice, but I won’t rest until I’m his lover as well.

Disclaimer: The Interplanetary Unity Council takes no responsibility for any of the alien smut found in this multi-author collaboration. Not recommended for youth who have not reached legal adulthood on their home planet.

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