Train Me Daddy by Zack Wish (ePUB)

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Train Me Daddy (Mafia Daddies NYC #1) by Zack Wish – Free eBooks Download


I suck at life. But that could change if I found a Daddy.

Every opportunity I’ve had, I’ve blown. I lost my scholarship, dropped out of school, and now couldn’t keep a job if my life depended on it. Maybe I should leave New York? Maybe I should just give up?
But this is one job I’m too terrified to screw up. I’m working at Dante’s Kitchen, a restaurant owned and frequented by the mob. But when I’m caught stealing food from the kitchen, it might just be the end of me…
Dante Chiellini wants to make me pay.
Dante is a mafia hitman with a passion for shiny guns, good food, and strict punishments. If I’m going to make it out of this alive, I’ll have to take my punishment, be a good boy, and call Dante Daddy. I hate Dante, but he excites me. Dante makes me feel special, naughty, and… no, I’ll never be his, it’s all just pretend. But one slip-up on my part could prove fatal…

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