Trading Favors with the Girl Dad by Piper Cook (ePUB)

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Trading Favors with the Girl Dad (Girl Dad) by Piper Cook – Free eBooks Download


She never expected to fall for a single dad. His past is closing in quick. Can one little girl and a whole lot of love be the key to their happiness, or will his past bring everything crumbling to the ground?

I’ve had my share of unsuccessful relationships in the past. The last thing I need in my life is another man with drama issues.
So, I’m starting fresh with a new town, new job, and my first real home. I’m in charge of my destiny and this year I’m choosing self-care over romantic relationships.
When a precocious little girl wanders into my backyard followed by her father, my priorities begin to shift, and seeds of love begin to sprout.
Charlie is gorgeous, engaging, and comes with a side-helping of extra cuteness.
But do I want to give my heart to a man with trouble brewing in the background and guaranteed drama on the horizon?

I never expected to be a single dad, but life has a way of working out for the best sometimes. For now, it’s Emma and me against the world.
I’m not looking for the picture perfect woman. What I’m waiting for is the perfect woman for my daughter and me.
When my new neighbor turns out to be a head turner with maternal instincts, my daughter and I are both smitten.
Michelle is an independent, down-to-earth, knockout gorgeous woman with curves for days.
But will trouble from my past be a roadblock to the three of us becoming one happy family?

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