Tracks to my Heart by Ella Cooper (ePUB)

tracks to heart, ella cooper

Tracks to my Heart (The Wild Side #1) by Ella Cooper – Free eBooks Download


Patricia Fuentes. Latina beauty, the object of desire for so many, yet unobtainable.

For me, Jim Hetfield, heir to a ranching dynasty, she was my best friend, my partner in crime, the Bonnie to my College-era Clyde. We were destined to go out in a blaze of glory; not quite as dramatic as theirs, but life-changing, none the less.
And five years after the event that changed our lives, she was back on my ranch. Bigger, bolder, more beautiful than even I remembered. She literally crackles with energy, excitement, attraction, and I was inexorably drawn towards her, like a moth to a flame.
Tall, raven-haired, with the body of a goddess, she came crashing back in to my life. Sadly, she didn’t come unaccompanied…
Our lives were thrown into turmoil, driven by passion, challenges, risk and destiny.

Would we finally be able to explore our relationship, against the odds, or was it destined to be snatched from our grasp?

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