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town's dad, alina parker

Town’s Single Dad (The Bennet Sisters #1) by Alina Parker – Free eBooks Download


Best friends should never sleep together, right?
It’s a recipe for disaster.
But when your best friend is a wickedly charming bad boy who’s always been your protector and is hot as mine is, it’s hard to resist.
Crossing the line of friendship tore us apart.
He wanted more and I couldn’t give it to him. So, Nic Wilder left me behind in our small town, and I thought I lost my best friend for good.
Fourteen years later, he’s back.
He isn’t the same man that left. He’s now the police chief, a single dad, and the most eligible bachelor in town.
One thing hasn’t changed― the sexual chemistry simmering between us.
We shouldn’t cross the line again. I want my best friend back and we need to remain just friends.
It doesn’t matter if I’ve wondered what would have been if I’d given in to him years ago. It doesn’t matter that I secretly want to explore the explosive chemistry between us.
We’re just friends… until I give in and we become more.
We shouldn’t do this. Not again. Everything might be ruined― for good this time.
I’ve seen firsthand the havoc that friends turned lovers can wreak. Prime example― my parents.
But there’s no resisting the sparks between us.
Nic slowly demolishes every emotional wall I’ve built.
I’m falling for him and I’m terrified. He has the power to break me.
He says I can trust him with my heart.
Should I?
Am I ever going to leave my fears behind and have a chance at my Happily-Ever-After? Or am I about to destroy myself and the only true friend I have?

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