Total Anarchy: The Deviant Crew by Phoenix Williams (ePUB)

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Total Anarchy: The Deviant Crew (Hell Fire Valley #1) by Phoenix Williams – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to the Deviant Crew…

Resident nudist, Anarchy Avalonia Pierce, has spent her entire life inside a gilded cage. Now, under a new Alpha’s protection, the former Vulture Princess would do horrible things to keep her newly obtained freedom. Including turning her back on her family, committing treason, and, possibly, murder.
The only constant in Paxton’s life has been the revolving doors of prisons. Forced into a breeding camp as a teenager, captivity is almost as rage-inducing as the touch of a woman. Determined to live a normal life, the last thing he needs is to be distracted by mile-long legs and a feisty attitude.
In Hell Fire Valley, the Deviant Crew sits at the top of the social hierarchy. But, when old enemies resurface, and betrayals occur, Anarchy and Paxton are forced to make a decision. Will they stay in their mental prisons, or will they realize that the love of a Deviant is the ultimate freedom? Regardless of what they choose, one thing will always be true.
When the caged bird is finally freed, it will be Total Anarchy

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