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Torn Apart (Fatally Flawed #2) by Dusty Lassetter – Free eBooks Download


Jasper thought he had moved on from his past, leaving everything behind him, only focusing on his fighting career. Just when he seems to have control of his life, Candice comes back home determined to make amends. She is not alone in her pursuit to get close to “The Finisher.” Can someone Jasper’s never met change his future? Targeting his family and trying to ruin his career.

Candice Price returns back to Tampa after being gone for three years. She never forgot about the one person she regrets leaving behind, now she wants another chance. Seeing him again, she realizes he is no longer the Jasper she fell in love with. Choosing to stay and fight this time, she bites off more than she can chew, when a stranger from Jasper’s past comes forward. Will both of them make it out unharmed, and stronger than ever, or will this be the end for them?

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