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Torment (Original Sin #2) by Stella Hart – Free eBooks Download


Jolie Chastain should’ve known better than to betray a man like me.
She thought she was safe. She thought no one else knew her darkest secret. But I’ve been here all along, lurking in the shadows, and I know exactly what she did.
She’ll pay for her sins when I take her and make her confess. I’ll be her nightmare. I’ll control her every move. Her every word. I’ll own her pleasure and her pain, and by the time I’m done with her, she won’t even be safe in her own mind.
I’m going to ruin her, and she’s never going to escape.
Not now that she’s my pretty little toy…

I promised myself I’d never be a captive again. I told myself it wouldn’t happen.
I was wrong.
Mason Ashwood will never be done with me. He’s cruel and sadistic, and he wants to destroy me. Break me apart, shatter me into pieces.
I should be terrified of him, but my traitorous body won’t allow it. Every blow he inflicts upon me brings me pleasure instead of pain, and every time he steps into my cage, my knees go weak and my heart quickens.
It’s wrong to want him this badly, but I can’t deny it. I don’t want to escape anymore. I don’t want to go home.
I want to be his captive forever.

Note: This novel contains disturbing content that may be offensive to some reader.

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