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torment, ellie cassidy

Torment (Eclipse Warlocks #1) by Ellie Cassidy – Free eBooks Download


What you don’t know can still kill you… There’s nothing special about me. I’m just an ordinary girl, doing my best to live an ordinary small town life. Then they came to Shadow Horn and everything changed. It’s impossible to keep a secret in this town. Everyone knows that. Of course, that was before. Now I have secrets coming out my ears. Demons walking the earth. Gorgeous guys with angel blood. That kind of thing. It all started with Lexan Delacotte, the dreamy boy who walked right into my heart as if I’d left the door open. Then there’s Gideon Crest, sex and sin all wrapped up in one black heart. Eclipse Warlocks. How the hell will I survive them? Or am I really destined not to?

Whenever a great magic is created, the natural order of the universe demands a balance. Sun and Moon. Warlock warriors and mortal enemies forged in angel blood and magic to vanquish demons and doomed to destroy each other. And wouldn’t you know? There’s always an unintentional consequence. Three guesses who that might be. So here we are. Me and my two Eclipse Warlocks who may be just as devilish as the monsters they’re duty-bound to vanquish. One to love. One to hate. Apparently the natural order of my life also demands a balance. Then again, maybe not. As it turns out, they don’t just want me for my body or my charming personality. They don’t want me for that at all.

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