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Noah ‘Torch’ Steele
One woman has changed my entire opinion on being with one woman. I will do everything in my power to make her happy and make her dreams come true. Paying out of pocket to make her dreams a reality, I don’t have a problem doing what it takes for Becky to be able to open a bakery. And to make sure she understands there is no way in hell she’s responsible for what happened to my sister and nephew. With all of the stuff going on with the club, can I protect her? Will I be able to save her from the things we are fighting against?
Becky Winters
The only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is open a bakery. I love seeing people bite into a delicious treat and the various expressions that cover their face. It’s only ever been a dream because no one believed I could open one and make it successful. That’s until I met one group of people. People not many others want to get to know because they’re part of a motorcycle club.
One man in particular captures my attention and I want him more than anything. I’m just not his type. He can have his choice of a woman and I’ve never been anyone’s first choice. However, will he make me see that one person, or event, can absolutely change a person’s life for the better?

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