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Too Hot to Hate (Small Town Heroes #1) by Summer Brooks – Free eBooks Download


It’s one thing to arrive late to a job interview.
It’s another to arrive late and rip your pencil skirt on your way into your boss’s office.
That fabric ripping sound was going to haunt me forever.
My (future) boss didn’t even try to contain his laughter.
That monster in human form.
Good thing I wouldn’t be his assistant, but rather his assistant’s assistant.
That garbage job was not the reason I’d moved from L.A. to the middle of nowhere Prescott, Arizona.
But if there was one person who was an even bigger misfit in that town than I was, it was him.
Mr. Oliver Williamson.
He functioned like a robot in a place where people actually had smiles on their faces.
He would growl at me for being a few seconds late.
For eating too slow.
For… basically being a normal non-zombie human being.
But apparently, grumpy human robots make excellent kissers.
His kiss was going to haunt me more than that fabric ripping sound.
Turns out, that was only the beginning of my nightmare.
A sexy nightmare.

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