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Tonx (Galactic Seduction #3) by Lula Monk – Free eBooks Download


He desires to save his species. She desires only to return to Earth. Will their love provide the middle ground they need to do both?
When Petra is auctioned off as a breeder in the Hub, the space station that serves as a literal breeding ground for clients of the interstellar company Galactic Continuity, she doesn’t quite know what to think of the godlike man before her. No, not man. Alien. For though the creature who purchased her looks human, no human has glowing sigils pulsating across his skin.
Tonx is a humorous, fun-loving space explorer who returned to his home planet Olympia to discover that the Titans, his species, had severely dwindled in number. That is how Tonx found himself here in the Hub, bidding on the bronze-skinned Earthling woman. She is fearless and brave in a way that makes Tonx excited to repopulate Olympia.
But the Earth woman Petra has no desire to mate with Tonx, and she couldn’t care less about his species.
Will Tonx be able to woo Petra and show her their kind aren’t so different after all, or will Petra succeed in convincing Tonx to relinquish ownership of her and return her to Earth?

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