Together in Thyme by Valerie Comer (ePUB)

together in thyme, valerie comer

Together in Thyme (Urban Farm Fresh Romance #12) by Valerie Comer – Free eBooks Download


The former bad boy and the perpetual flirt have kept their secrets zipped tight. But can they plumb the depths of courage and honesty required for a second chance at love?
Basil Santoro is back in Bridgeview with a mile-long list of people to whom he owes an apology, starting with his former business partners, his family… and Hailey North. If only she had already married someone else by now, all this would be so much easier.
Hailey always longed for that big, laughing family Basil spurned so completely. After her Basil-induced heartbreak, she’s flirted with any man who’d look twice, but her skills at keeping things casual fail upon Basil’s return. Just like before, she’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame when he turns on his charm, but this time she has too much to hide to let him get close.
Basil’s change-of-heart runs deeper than Hailey expected, making her long for what might-have-been. Yet, how can she find the heaping dose of courage it will take to face the past and build a future… together?

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