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together forever, david horne

Together Forever by David Horne – Free eBooks Download


Sometimes love takes time and lots of conversation to figure it out.

After being away for college, Daniel Morris returns home after graduation. During that time away, Daniel Morris and his best friend, Alex Davidson, drifted apart. Now that Daniel is back in town, Alex must figure out how to balance his feelings for Daniel and his own self-love

Almost immediately, Alex and Daniel discover the chemistry they always had between them still exists. Now that they are adults, their attraction for each other escalates, and they wind up getting involved physically and emotionally.

Alex and Daniel are two very different people. It will take a while for them to really understand how to work out their relationship. Eventually, love always finds a way, and even Daniel will come to realize he is not straight and will fight for his place in Alex’s life.

What will they do when the world keeps pushing them away from each other? With some many obstacles, can their love grow stronger every time they’re together? Or has their “friends for life” relationship outgrown them?

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