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Toeing the Line (How To Survive Wedding Season #2) by Georgia Royce – Free eBooks Download


Laugh out loud funny, with extra spice and a well-earned happily ever after, TOEING THE LINE is the friends-to-lovers romp through Portland you didn’t know you needed.

Faye Benington is not living her best life. She hates med school, her online dating profile is scoring zero dates, the bridesmaid dress for her little sister’s wedding doesn’t come in Faye’s size—oh, and she’s in love with her pro-hockey player best friend, Zeke Cooper. Too bad Zeke looks at her the same way he looks at his teammates.
When Faye quits med school in a blaze of glory, her judgy parents are beside themselves, and dress her down for being an overweight dropout without a date to her sister’s wedding. Like any good defender, Zeke has her back—and tells them he’s her boyfriend.
Once the shock wears off, all Faye can think about is Zeke: the way he fills out a suit, the way his touch sets her on fire. . . and his kisses make her want to take things way offsides. But when it comes to cleaning up her hot mess of a life, she wonders if it’s better to toe the line with Zeke—or whether some lines were meant to be crossed?

A curvy, brainy heroine. A hockey enforcer with a pet pig. Competitive cornhole, knitting innuendos, and ALL. THE. BANTER.

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