To Save a Mate by Poppy Ireland (ePUB)

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To Save a Mate (Redwood University #2) by Poppy Ireland – Free eBooks Download


Welcome back to Redwood University, where a power-hungry shifter wants to rule them all; and those strong enough to stand up to him must fight.

I tried to flee Redwood University, but when my father was kidnapped by a ruthless alpha, I was forced to submit. With a broken heart and wounded pride, I reluctantly followed his demands–if only to keep my father alive.
There’s danger lurking around every corner, and since Alexei crushed my heart in his fist, I sought an alliance with the vampires, fae, and witches instead.
Alexei is furious, jealous, and possessive. But despite everything, I still ache for him.
But the future alpha made his choice. No matter what he says, I can’t wait for a mate that won’t stand by my side. I just wish my heart would get with the program.
Because there’s an unknown power simmering in my veins, and a mystery I’m on the verge of cracking. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know that Alpha Jones will do anything to gain more control, and that’s one thing I can never allow to happen.

So, if Alexei won’t save me from his father, then I’lll save myself.

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