To Kiss You Again by Nicola Lowe (ePUB)

kiss you again, nicola lowe

To Kiss You Again (The Missed Kiss #2) by Nicola Lowe – Free eBooks Download


A bright future awaits Lily Forshaw, who feels like the luckiest girl in the world. A future she fought for, cried for, and risked her heart and soul for.
Lily’s life is incredible, yet a small, deep scar remains etched upon her heart. A wound that will never truly heal, for the scar is a memory. A memory and a hope of what ifs and what might have been.
Lily’s friendships are about to be tested, her career threatened, and her perfect love is set to falter – can any of this be repaired?
Meanwhile, the man she left in the past, holding a piece of her heart, has found his way back to her at a time when nothing else makes sense anymore.
What will Lily do? Will she fight for what she is about to lose? Or will she seek a new beginning?
Catch up with Lily, Cassie, Zack, and Luke in the hotly anticipated sequel to The Missed Kiss

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