To Have Calum Dissick by Maramartha (ePUB)

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To Have Calum Dissick (Stepbrother Dearest #3) by Maramartha – Free eBooks Download


Months have passed without a word from Calum. No calls. No texts, except for a brief email that lives rent-free in Cathie’s head. But it’s fine. She is done with that phase of her life.
Who needs a man, anyway?
Just when she’s getting ready to move on, the rockstar who broke her heart shows up at the front door with a smile.
He has no idea what she’s talking about, but he knows he wants another chance with her.
A chance at a new life where he gets to fulfil all the promises he made to her. But Cathie is done.
Will Calum be able to change her mind, or has this ship sailed?

This second chance forbidden romance takes you on an angsty emotional rollercoaster, pulls you in with the dramatic twists, and introduces you to characters you’ll hurt, love, and laugh with. Prepare to enter the small town of Wells Spring with a strong female lead who is convinced marrying her rockstar stepbrother is the best idea since ice-cream and chips.

TSCD is the third part of a three-book series and CANNOT be read as a standalone. Happy reading!

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