To Find a Viking Treasure by Gina Conkle (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

to find a viking treasure, gina conkle, epub, pdf, mobi, download

To Find a Viking Treasure (Norse #2) by Gina Conkle – Free eBooks Download


Survival’s in his blood

Rough-souled Brandr’s ready for a new life far from Uppsala, but he can’t stop thinking of a certain flame-haired thrall named Sestra who gets under his skin. Before he leaves for good, the Viking has one final task –Protect her at all costs.

Saving others is her purpose
A slave since birth, Sestra’s life has been filled with hardship…until she learns of a treasure hoard. With war coming, claiming the riches will save lives, but only one Viking can help her on this journey –Brandr, the fierce silver-eyed scout.

Chasing more than silver and gold
Brandr and Sestra have shared taunts and barbs. Now they must share trust in what becomes a desperate bid to survive. Passions flare as secrets unfold, leading one to make a daring sacrifice that changes everything on their quest To Find a Viking Treasure…

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