To Crave Madly by Bailey Grayson (ePUB)

to crave madly, bailey grayson

To Crave Madly (Trials Of A Morta #2) by Bailey Grayson – Free eBooks Download


More lies, more deceit, and more drama. What I wouldn’t give for a quiet day in Hell.

So, it turns out that Orion isn’t who he says he is and now I’m not just bonded to a high-class demon, I’m bonded to the Devil. Yes, you read that right. The Devil.
Not only that, my latest fashion accessory is a GPS tracker that tells my team exactly where I am at all times, my inner demon wants to take over my body and someone is stealing the witches.

Oh, and my magic is on the fritz. Throw in the fact that I seem to have more than one man interested in me and I think it’s safe to say my life is rapidly descending into a hot mess.
But with a new, scary as Hell bodyguard protecting me, I’m hoping that I can survive long enough to actually find out what’s happening to the witches, become one with my demon, and finally decide what the Hell is happening with my love life.

Keeping my fingers crossed will work. Right?

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