To Crave Darkly by Bailey Grayson (ePUB)

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To Crave Darkly (Trials Of A Morta #1) by Bailey Grayson – Free eBooks Download


A handsome guy walks into a bar…

Sounds like the start of a joke but, it’s not. Well, at least not a good one. The moment the vampire with the killer jaw line stepped into my bar, my life changed forever.
A dark prophecy and a destroyer of worlds.
After being attacked, kidnapped, and hidden in the Conclave, a safe haven for supernatural creatures, I must find out whether I’m the destroyer in a prophecy that predicts the apocalyptic end of the world, or if this whole thing is just the worst case of mistaken identity ever. I’d like to think it’s the latter, but after discovering the demon hidden in my proverbial closet, I’m not so sure I’m the person I thought I was.
I need to control my new powers. And Fast.
If I am going to survive long enough to discover the truth, I’m going to have to learn to control the demon buried deep within me. It’s not going to be easy, but with the help of an overly grumpy vampire, an almost always shirtless Hell Hound, a powerful mage and even the dragon shifter who hates my guts, I might just survive long enough to figure out why a powerful demon wants to claim me as their own and if Lucifer is really hellbent on using me to destroy the world.
So, bring it on Lucifer. I’m ready. I think…

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