To Catch an Earl by Jenn Langston (ePUB)

catch an earl, jenn langston

To Catch an Earl (Reformed Rakes #5) by Jenn Langston – Free eBooks Download


After six years working at the House of Reform, Lady Regina Serra has handled her share of difficult men, and the Earl of Burnham is no different. Although strikingly handsome, the man is very stubborn and refuses to heed her advice in his bride search. Determined not to fail a client, Regina agrees to accept a bet with him. The cost is irrelevant as she knows her methods work and that the earl will be selecting a bride before the season is up.

Murphy Cobb, Earl of Burnham, only agreed to take lessons in finding a wife to appease his mother. However, Lady Regina poses a unique challenge for him, and he is not one to back down. His attempts to charm her go unnoticed, but he can’t seem to get her out of his head. So, he strikes a deal with her, she can offer her lessons on him finding a wife, but he would give her a lesson in seduction. One night with her is all he wants, and he had never been denied when he set his sights on something he wanted.

Although Regina is determined to help Murphy find a bride, his kisses offer her a passion she never knew existed. As her desire for him becomes too much, she knows she must leave the House of Reform. The only trouble is, she has no idea how she will ever forget him.

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