To Capture a Thorn by Sam Crescent (ePUB)

capture thorn, sam crescent

To Capture a Thorn (The Society #2) by Sam Crescent – Free eBooks Download


I know pain and loss, what it means to be lied to.
I have nothing. No one. I’m all alone. They took everything from me and want to take more. I did everything Gideon, Dante, William, and Mateo asked of me, and they failed.

The Society believes I can leave. They give me the chance that was taken from me, but I won’t give up. I will have justice for the ones I lost, which means I have to stay. I have to become part of The Society. I must give them everything in order to get what I want.

I wish I could blame the Saintly Devils. They turned my life upside down, but after I lost everything, they’re the ones who come to my rescue, making it so hard for me to walk away. But this was never about me, this was about them, and all I can do is hope to be there to save them when the time comes. No one betrays The Society. They are always watching and always prepared…

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