To be a Lady or a Gypsy: Part 1 by Hannah West (ePUB, PDF, Downloads)

to be a lady or a gypsy, hannah west, epub, pdf, mobi, download

To be a Lady or a Gypsy: Part 1 (London Ladies #2) by Hannah West – Free eBooks Download


Milia is the daughter of the Marquis of Lakewood and a gypsy mother, who were married when they were both young and foolish. Do to her parent being torn apart many years before she has lived a split life. Her mother had gone back to her traveling family and her father had become a peer of the realm. All her life she has been raised within both worlds secretly and it is time for her to choose.

Does she want her freedom and the right to roam as a carefree gypsy or does she want to live in the glittering world of the ton as a lady? She is to spend the winter and spring with her mother and then the summer and fall with her father, to decide what world she will step into, but at eighteen can she decide what she will want for the rest of her life?

Devon deLacey will be the Irish Earl of Lindsey, much despised for his bloodline but envied for his wealth and power in the House of Lords. He is much feared within the circles of the English Peerage and does anything that pleases him. He had not always been that way, before the death of his father he had been quite a charmer. But this year he needed to find himself a wife, to give him a more respectable air, however he would still get what he wanted in a wife.

As a matter of fact the lady he would marry would have to be similar to a gypsy girl he loved and lost a before. And Devon might have found a lady to fit the bill, the daughter of one of his father’s worse enemies, the daughter of the Marquis of Lakewood.
Milia thought him lost to her and while she knows who he is, who she thought he was, he did not remember her or the shared kiss of the past. Could she give up her freedom to rekindle what they once had or would she be better off staying away from a glittering world that wanted to set her on fire.

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