Titus: The Hawthornes by Nicole Jacquelyn (ePUB)

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Titus: The Hawthornes (The Aces’ Sons #12) by Nicole Jacquelyn – Free eBooks Download


Titus Hawthorne knew that he was going to marry Noel Allen. Sure, they had to sneak around because her family would lose their minds if they knew, but it would only be a few years before she was free of them. His older brother had married her older sister, so it was possible.
Neither of them expected for their world to be flipped upside down when Noel is forced to move to away.
Titus waits, just like he’d always planned. But, when years go by and Noel’s 18th birthday passes without a word from her he has to accept the fact that she isn’t coming back. He tries to move on and on most days, he can lie to himself and say he’s succeeded.
Until six years later when a phone call in the middle of the night changes everything.

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