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titus, af montoya

Titus (Aiden’s Mountains Shifters #3) by A.F. Montoya – Free eBooks Download


When her sister and their best friend escaped the pride, Talia was supposed to go with them. Fear held her back. Instead, she spent years trapped and under the pride’s thumb. They broke her down until she was a shell of the lioness she used to be. Her sister bringing her to Blackridge was supposed to help. But with unknown males everywhere, Talia was too scared to even try to get better. At least until Teddy showed up. A massive protector with a gentle touch and a patient smile was Talia’s last chance at getting better. If only she could be brave enough to try.
Teddy was never a smart man. He had his strengths, but book learning wasn’t one of them. What he was good at was protecting people. And Talia needed protection. Not from the crew, but from the monsters in her head holding her back from getting better. Teddy knew all about that. He was determined to help Talia and her cub get back on her feet. He never expected to fall for her.

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